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Does anyone EVER MONITOR this stuff?

I am a DEVOTED Radius toothbrush fan (I've not purchased any other brand in YEARS!). As AWESOME as your toothbrushes are, your CUSTOMER SERVICE doesn't seem to EXIST.

SIX DAYS ago I posted my concern about your NEW WEBSITE, and other than a message (apparently from a 'bot) I have not received any reply. I've been checking my email and your website daily.

Hello!! Is anybody there??


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Dear JudiKaye White,

Thank you for contacting RADIUS. I hope that you have received the email response I sent, but just in case, I wanted to reiterate my response here. With the launch of the new website we are still working out the bugs and were not receiving notifications of posts on our forum. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. To respond to your earlier inquiry, with the launch of the new website there have been some instances where customer information has not transferred. We ask that you simply create a new login for the new site.


The new login will not have your old order history. However, with the new "rewards" program, it would not have been taking any previous history into account. You are not losing any potential rewards from not being able to access your old account.


Thank you for your patience during this transition time and thank you for being a RADIUS customer.


Amanda Vasko

Customer Service 

610.683.9400 x 105 - 800.626.6223 x 105

RADIUS HQ - 207 Railroad Street - Kutztown PA 19530, USA

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